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Well, it's been a while, LJ. Happy New Year!! xDD
I have recently become obsessed with InuYasha... x33
Going to see Miyavi in March!! So exciting!!... ^^
Not much happens in my life really... xDD

I think I'm going to see who of my msn contacts have LJ's... Yes, yes I shall... Then I shall add you all as friends!! Bwahahahahh!! xPP


Edit: Well, I found, what, two people? xDD Oh well... xPP

New Icon!!

Well, I knew I needed a new icon... and at long last, I actually made one!! xD
It's dear Teru from Versailles!! ^^
xD I never did ramble about my holidays... Well, a quick summary...

Versailles concert was possibly the best way to kick of the summer EVER!! ^^ such a great night. Truly special. ^w^
Then went on a cookery course for a week and uh, learnt to cook? xD
Then in Shetland for a week, and the weather was surprisingly good! >w<
Next I'm off to see a friend who moved away and I haven't seen in a while. ^^
I really need to stop updating at these unearthly hours of the night/morning. I think I'm becoming a little nocturnal!!

Odd socks

So straightening my hair and watching the full Obscure PV at the same time was pretty epic.
Exams are so stressful, and I'm convinced stress enduces weight loss... I guess I shall just have to eat more cake!! ^^
As for interesting stories, I have none, which is surprising as I usually do. I am wearing odd socks though. Devoid of inspiration I guess I shall continue with my graphics revision.


First entry...

  So a first entry, and at twenty past one in the morning... I really need to find something better to do... Assumably sleeping... Well I had better say " hello" before I run off again. Hopefully not so long till I find something better to say! Been here three years and only just made a post, that's a terrible admission! Sayonara.



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